To our Couples…

We know it can be incredibly stressful trying to plan your wedding during a pandemic and all of the working parts, emotions & logistics involved during these uncertain times. Please know that we will be as flexible and helpful as possible and do whatever we can to not only accommodate, but also keep you, your guests and our team safe, healthy & happy. If you are considering moving your wedding date for any reason, we are happy to help – below is a list of our current policies & other info:

Policies for Rescheduling a Wedding, etc.

Commitment & Impact: Many of our weddings and events are booked in excess of a year or more in advance and at the time of contract, we 100% lock this date down, ensuring it is held for you and over the course of the year, pass up all opportunities to take other jobs, weddings or other lucrative business opportunities. This is the commitment we make to each of our couples for every single wedding & contract. We understand that Covid-19 has effected us all and other emergency situations may sometimes be a factor, but please know this is a devastating loss as a small business when this occurs and often are not able to re-book these dates.

First Reschedule: There will be no penalty or price increase whatsoever on your existing package or contract. An additional $500-1000 deposit will paid and applied towards the package and to secure your new date (again, this is towards the package, NOT in addition to). The new date selected must be one that is open and available and we will work with all couples to help you find available options, should you wish to move the date. If your original date was a discounted, Winter or off season date, please note that moving your wedding to a prime, non off-season date may result in a slight price increase to do so.

Second Reschedule: If you choose to reschedule a 2nd time, a 15% displacement/rescheduling fee will be charged at the time of securing the new date. We do not wish to do this, but have no choice as a small business to mitigate our loss for a date that we specifically held and will taken substantial financial loss on. If the date is being moved to an off season month (such as January, February, March), we will consider waiving this fee if at all possible. The 15% displacement fee will apply for each date change occurrence thereafter, should that be the case.

Cancellations: Either outright cancelling, choosing simply not move your date or selecting a date that we are not available for is considered a cancellation and we would follow the policies/guidelines of the contract. We are here to work with you and be as flexible as possible to help you look at available dates to do everything in our power to not have this happen and would urge you to communicate with us well in advance, before making any decisions. After all, we do not wish to lose your business or have you lose any money whatsoever. Should a cancellation be made, you would unfortunately lose all deposits and we would not be accountable to provide any further services as a result. As a last effort and based on availability, our associate photographer team (doling similar work) may also be able to provide services. Overall, it is our goal to avoid any form of cancellation outlined above and will do as much as we possible can to accommodate and avoid this from happening!

Ceremony Now, Big Wedding Later: We’ve had some couples choose to push their big wedding to a new date, but still hold a small, intimate ceremony as planned, in order to not delay actually getting married. This is a wonderful idea and we would work with all couples interested in doing this (penalty free) in order to accommodate such a situation. Additional fees will apply towards this added coverage, but we will show maximum flexibility to help all couples wanting to go this route and waive all penalties that may otherwise apply.

Creative Alternatives: For those that decide to severely scale down and have a more intimate “covid wedding” with 20 guests or less and only needing a few hours of coverage vs 10 hours, we are happy to work with you to possibly reduce your original coverage and even contract amount if at all possible. Other ideas on the table may include customizing the existing package to include less wedding coverage, but adding another possible upgrade or product such as an album, products, maternity or family shoots, etc that may not have already been included in the original package. Anything is on the table in terms of being creative and flexible. However, this will be handled on a case by case basis, based on the couple’s package, needs, situation and of course, availability.

Legality & Safety: We cannot legally photograph a wedding that does not comply with the governmental rules and guidelines at the time of the event, nor can we risk our staff being held legally accountable for such a situation or putting ourselves or families in harms way. Being in an industry that requires us to be at several events, we become higher risk and have to take our safety seriously to protect not only ourselves, but you, your families and guests. We do have the right to wear a mask at anytime, unless we deem safe or far enough away to not have it on (we don’t want to wear one anymore than you do). If you choose to carry on with the non-compliant event, we will not be held accountable and any deposits/payments will also be non-refundable, due to voluntary cancellations of services.

Communication: As always, communication is key! We genuinely want to help and take great care of you, should you need to move your wedding date and understand the challenges we are all facing. If you are considering any of the options outlined above, we just ask that you keep us in the loop and communicate well in advance to making any decisions so we can do our very best to help you navigate things by looking at potential new dates, custom options, etc.