For those looking to improve their skills, better their business, get help in challenging areas or a little bit of everything, Matt is available for private mentoring, training & general business consulting.  Matt is also available to help teach those newer to photography how to use their new SLR cameras.  Due to sensitive material and to avoid any conflict of interest, professional & business mentoring sessions are only available for photographers in a different market or region.  These sessions can take place via phone, skype, in person, etc.  Exact pricing is subject to the level of mentoring and number of topics mentored.  Below is a list of potential areas of discussion and focus, however more items can be discussed if there is something not shown on the list.

Beginner SLR Photography Training

New to SLR photography and looking for some mentoring or training on how to make the best of your new camera?  Understanding things like shutter speed, ISO, Aperture, and when to use what, when can be very overwhelming when you are first starting out.  If you’d like some help to learn how to use that new camera and a beginners doorway into photography, feel free to contact us to schedule a private training session with Matt (availability may vary based on time of year).

Professional Mentoring Topics
  1. Equipment List & Suggestions of When to Use What
  2. Timelines and General Wedding Day Planning
  3. Image Critique & How to Create Various Images
  4. All About Lighting – When, How & Why
  5. Posing Ideas & Suggestions
  6. Business Practices – Pricing, Contracts & Organization
  7. Workflow, Editing, Blogging, etc.
  8. Album Design, Organizing & Manufacturers
  9. Marketing, Client Communication, etc
  10. General Challenges & Areas Needing Help