Andrea & Greg

Saratoga National Summer Wedding

Capital Region

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New York


Wow, what a year of weddings we’ve had thus far, and I feel like we are just getting started in terms of all the amazing images we have to show you!  Week after week, I seem to be rewarded with yet another amazing wedding and beautiful couple to work with.  With that being said, I’m extremely excited to share our next featured wedding with you of Andrea & Greg.

Andrea & Greg have been amazing to work with and talk about one good looking and natural couple – they are just amazing in front of the camera together, definitely a photographer’s dream couple.  I had a chance to shoot some gorgeous fall engagements with them last year, that you will have to check out… I knew their wedding would also be amazing, and they sure did not disappoint!  One of the coolest things I’ve now ever seen at a wedding is a helicopter land at Saratoga National, after the ceremony, and fly them away without any warming…. pretty amazing.  I’m psyched to share the images my team and I were able to capture that day – check em out and be sure to leave Andrea & Greg some love in the notes box below!


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