Andrea & Mike

Saratoga Museum of Dance & Hall of Springs Winter Wedding

Capital Region

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New York


Winter weddings are can be challenging for a photographer (it’s cold, you can’t hit the buttons you need and wear gloves at the same time, bridesmaids are cold and don’t want to stand in the cold much, you can’t ask the couple to sit at all without getting wet, etc), but….. they can also be incredibly beautiful & fun as was the amazing wedding of Andrea & Mike this weekend.  I have a whole new appreciation for the Winter weddings after shooting this one, so those of you looking to save a few bucks from the reception site and do something a little different, should highly consider this option.

Andrea & Mike were a dream to work with, and despite the non-stop downpour of snow & cold conditions, were willing to do anything I asked of them (as was the entire bridal party and family).  Some of the team that also helped to make this a phenomenal wedding for them were:

For those interested, you can register at the link below for online viewing & order when available (1-2 weeks).  For now, I leave you with a few samples of the day!

first look seeing dad as a bride

as you can see, Andrea made a stunning bride!

hands down one of my favorite images in all the years I’ve been shooting weddings (left)

the snow looked incredible in the giant lights outside the Hall of Springs

I couldn’t get enough of these snow shots!