Caitlyn & Jesse

Saratoga Springs Rainy & Snowy Engagement Session

Saratoga Springs NY

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New York


I’m very much looking forward to being a part of Caitlyn & Jesse’s upcoming wedding this Fall and had a blast shooting their engagement session last week.  Jesse is a triplet and it is a not only very cool, but a huge honor to be a part of all 3 brother’s weddings! (Ashlyn & Chris) & (Tiffany & Mark).  What was expected to be a bit of a rainy engagement session, quickly turned into sleet and snow, which made things interesting, but loved some of the images were were able to create!  Check out a few faves from our shoot below!

Matt Ramos_0001Matt Ramos_0002Matt Ramos_0003Matt Ramos_0004Matt Ramos_0005Matt Ramos_0006Matt Ramos_0007Matt Ramos_0008Matt Ramos_0009Matt Ramos_0010Matt Ramos_0011