Danielle & Matthew

Chateau Briand Long Island Wedding

Long Island

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Event Team

It’s a nice treat every now and then to leave the home turf and experience some of the stunning wedding locations and venues outside of the Capital Region.  We had such a fun trip down to Long Island to celebrate and document the beautiful wedding of Danielle & Matt (by the way, happy 1 month anniversary, guys!).

This was our second wedding this year documenting events on Danielle’s side of the family and it has been such a great honor to work with and get to know Danielle & Matt during their wedding planning process.  Not only did we have a great looking couple to work with, but some of the locations and images we were able to shoot, were simply amazing.  Wishing Danielle and Matthew all the very best in their new marriage and hope you will enjoy a few of our faves from their big day below!

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