Jaimie & Mike

Albany Skyline Wedding at Taste of Albany

Capital Region

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Ok folks, I’m back from a week’s vacation (sorta), and ready to get going on some blog entries in order to get caught up!  First up of several to come, is Jaimie & Mike.   This wedding was unique in so many ways and I’m sure one that Jaimie & Mike will forever remember (and all their guests).  It was an amazing location in terms of the view of downtown Albany, it was well over 100 degrees on the rooftop, and the priest unfortunately passed out during the middle of the ceremony (I can’t say I’ve ever seen this one before).  Luckily, he’s doing ok and another guest was a pastor that was able to finish marrying Jaimie & Mike…. whatever the challenges, nothing could stop them from getting married, haha! 😉

I wanted to share a few photos from the day – you can also sign up for online viewing & ordering at the link below (ready in just a couple days):


Vendor/Venu Information:

Venue: Taste
DJ: Darik Habel/Encore Productions
Florist: Family Friend (will update soon)

Congrats to Jaimie & Mike and thank you for allowing us to document your special day! 😉

Jaimie looked incredible in her dress

Mike & the fellas cleaned up nicely

first meetings always get the best natural reactions…

it’s hard to beat a ceremony location like this one in Albany!

awesome views of the skyline as the sun dropped below the horizon