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When prepping for Jill & Joe’s wedding, I couldn’t help be a littler nervous regarding the weather as we almost seemed to be doomed with rain & thunderstorms (not to mention JP Elario being a guest at the wedding – no pressure, right?).  Somehow, the rain gods showed mercy and we were able to have an awesome day and hit up multiple locations together before the skies opened up later in the evening.  Jill & Joe were also a blast to work with, and while at times I’m sure they thought I was crazy, were willing to do whatever I asked of them and I’m really pleased with some of the images we were able to create.  I pushed them hard, and as you can see from the photos below, they delivered!  Towards the end of the day, we shot some awesome shots using Glen Sanders new fire pit and dock (while I laid in the rain again, making an ass of myself to get the shot – “go big or go home!” 😉

Props to the following vendors, who also worked very hard to make the day great for Jill & Joe:

Today’s Limo
Everton Mclean – Video
Fleurtacious Designs – Floral and Decor
Paul Malo – DJ Extradonaire (still too cool for a website)
Tony Ferry – Lighting
Venue – Glen Sanders Mansion

For those intersted, you can click the link below to sign up for online viewing & ordering, which should be ready in just a few days…


Again, a special thanks to Jill and Joe for allowing me to tag a long and shoot with them, I hope you’ll enjoy some samples!