Krista & Marcus

Beautiful Saratoga National Wedding

Saratoga Springs

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I’ve been super excited to share some images from our latest featured wedding with Krista & Marcus!  They don’t get much more stunning than Krista (Marcus clearns up pretty nice too!) and we had an absolutely gorgeous day to work with.  Thanks to all the amazing wedding professionals that worked so hard to make this date a great one….. check out some of our faves below, including some incredible sunset and sparkler shots you’re sure to love!  Congrats guys, thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your day!


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3955 - MR__9755

MattRamos_1530 MattRamos_1531 MattRamos_1532 MattRamos_1533 MattRamos_1536 MattRamos_1537 MattRamos_1538

3330 - MR__9526