Lindsay & Mark Wedding

Rainy Weddings / Canfield Casino, Saratoga Springs, NY

Capital Region

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New York


This year has been quite a year when it comes to shooting in the rain, and we’ve enjoyed being able to pull off some incredible rain shots this wedding season.  When it came to Lindsay & Mark’s wedding day, I was once again up for another rainy wedding challenge!  Despite the wet weather, it was an awesome day and wedding and I’m excited to share a few of my favorite images we were able to create together and share with you.  I also want to give some props to some awesome vendors that worked very hard to make the day great:

Flowers: Felthousen Florist
Makeup: Suzan/Make Me Fabulous
Catering: Mansion Catering
Entertainment: Mike Garrasi/Music Man Entertainment

I’d also like to attach a link of where all photos can be found for online viewing & ordering in just a few days.  Feel free to pre-register now if you like and you’ll be notified when ready via email.  A huge thanks and congrats to Lindsay & Mark an thank you so much for all your hospitality.  Best wishes in your new marriage and hope you can accomplish 10% fleet growth, 85% ESQI, 100+OP, and a 1.73451 LOFR % in the meantime 😉