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I’m once again behind on blog entries and am doing my best to get quickly caught up, so bare with me please 😉  First up tonight, I wanted to post some samples from my recent wedding with Lisa & Corey, who had a bit of a country style wedding on Burden Lake and definitely unique from some of the other weddings we shoot… it was the night before the hurricane, so it definitely made for some interesting weather that afternoon!  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Lisa over the past year+ and we have become hardcore Words With Friends (iphone app) competitors, which has been a lot of fun – I won’t tell you what the current win/lose ratio is 😉  Lisa & Corey had an awesome day and were such a great couple to work with – I’m posting a few samples below and their full event will be ready in just a couple days at the link below.  Special thanks to:

Alayne Curtiss: Make Me Fabulous
Chris Hollister: Cool Cat DJ
Classe Catering/Catering (obviously 😉
Fleurtacious Designs/Flowers

Congrats guys and thanks so much for having us! 😉

those that know me know that I’m deathly afraid of spiders for some reason (not very manly I know).  I almost lost my mind when I found this monster spider in the tree where I was shooting some jewelry details.  By the way, that thing it has wrapped up is one of those giant bumble bees just to give you an idea of how huge it was….  I didn’t sleep that night.

Lisa did an amazing job on some of her own floral decorations for the ceremony…