Natalie & Anthony

Gorgeous Hall of Springs Wedding

Saratoga Springs

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I have really loved getting to know and working with Natalie & Anthony over the past year+ as they have planned their wedding – I will surely miss working with them.  Not only are they a gorgeous couple, but super down to earth as well….. Natalie among one of the most beautiful women you will every see & Anthony’s a pretty dapper dude, himself.  I first had the chance to work with them for their Mr. & Mrs. Smith styled engagement session (sample pic below), which was way outside of my comfort zone at the time, but one of the most fun shoots I’ve done in a long time.  You have to check out out at the following link:

Their wedding was of course, another amazing day and I’m stoked to post some of our favorite images from their wedding day below….. loving these images and hope you will too!  Thanks for everything guys, and for allowing us to be a part of such an amazing day!  I got a little carried away on this blog, thanks for your patience while images load 😉



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