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There is no question, wedding & aerial photography are worlds apart from each other, but am having a blast getting more and more involved in the aerial world of shooting and documenting the world from above.  With the use of a remote controlled quadcopter, It’s been a challenging learning curve to say the least and I have been working at this project for nearly a year and a half now.  With thousands of dollars in high risk investments, several crashes, trial & error problem solving, parts and loads of patience in general, it’s so rewarding to have finally started to figure out how to create some of the images I’ve envisioned trying to pull off for so long.

I admit, I’ve never been interested in remote aircrafts of any sort or aerial photography at all, but am quickly learning how much I enjoy seeing everyday things and places from a few hundred feet up as well as the rush of it all considering crashing is not an option.  I’m very excited to be able to offer these types of aerial images at a fraction of the normal price to corporate offices, realtors, construction companies or just a home or land owner in general.  We are continuing to build our portfolio of images, however wanted to share a few of my favorites shot just this week alone.

(Brant Lake, NY)
(Inn at Erlowest, Lake George, NY)

(Appel Inn, Guilderland, NY)

(Downtown Albany, NY)

(Twin Bridges, Latham, NY)

(Malta, NY)

(Rotterdam, NY)
(Schenectady, NY)

(Mohawk River, Latham, NY)

(Private Home – Slingerlands, NY)
(Mohawk River, Scotia, NY)blog-3

(Mohawk River, Scotia, NY)blog-5

(Saratoga Springs, NY Golf Course)blog-5a

(Gideon Putnam Hotel, Saratoga Spring, NY)

(Hall of Springs, Saratoga Springs, NY)blog-5b

(Downtown Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY)blog-5d

(Mohawk River, Scotia, NY)blog-6

(Saratoga Springs, Racetrack)blog-7

(Private Home, Albany, NY)
(Private Home, Lake George, NY)

(Lake George, NY)

(Glenville Construction Project View #1)

(Glenville Construction Project View #2)

(Fort Ti, Ticonderoga, NY)

(Mechanicville, NY)

(Schenectady, NY)

(Schenectady, NY)blog-8

(Mohawk River, Scotia, NY)blog-8a

(Wodbourne, NY)

(Glen Sanders Mansion, Scotia, NY)blog-9

(Mohawk River, Scotia, NY)blog-10