Amanda & Ben

Snowy Winter Wedding at the Hall of Springs

Saratoga Springs

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Event Team

Wow, what an incredible winter it has been of gorgeous, snowy weddings and shoots….. I’m ready to be done with all this snow, but not before celebrating one last wedding blog and incredible images from Amanda & Ben’s snowy winter wedding at the Hall of Springs.  Amanda & Ben have been so amazing to work with and gave me total control on their wedding day and were willing to do anything I asked of them, which made for a lot of fun and some images we are really proud of.  Thanks so much for everything and for allowing us to be a part of your day!

The design of their wedding was created by David Michael Schmidt of Renassiance Floral Design and Clifton Park Rentals, which was just unbelievable.  I have never seen a Chuppah/Headtable so incredble…. the Hall of Springs has never looked so beautiful.  I’ll let the photos do the talking…. check out some of our favorites below.  After this blog post, I will be signing out until April and are very excited of what the 2015 wedding season is going to bring.  Congratulations to Amanda & Ben!


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