Best of Weddings 2015

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Year after year, my team and I push ourselves as hard as we can to deliver the best work possible and look for new ways to push the envelop and create images that will not only be powerful in the now, but stand the test of time.  Each year, as we ramp up for the next main wedding season, I like to share some of our “Best Of” images from the previous year.  2015 was an amazing year and we are very excited to kick off the spring & summer season of 2016!

I apologize in advance and thank you so much for your patience while the image below can load…. I always get a little carried away, but this is one of my favorite blogs each year and wanted to share our favorite images with you… I hope you will enjoy them and stay tuned as we continue to blog lots of amazing stuff this year, with a fresh mind and a fresh website!

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