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I first met Brittany over the phone earlier this year, and was so honored to have her book our services for her wedding day before she even had the wedding date or venue picked out (yikes!)  After getting to know her a bit over a few phone conversations, I knew her and James would be amazing and lots of fun to work with.  When we met for the first time in person to shoot their engagement photos, I was greeted with a box of homemade cookies (amazing by the way!) and a hug…. talk about an amazing start to things!  20 minutes into the shoot their keys got locked in the car and we had to call AAA and they were so cool about the entire situation and we just kept shooting like nothing happened, lol.  Definitely a day we won’t forget and looking forward to spending time with them again next year on their wedding day!  We had an amazing afternoon and evening of gorgeous light to work with and wanted to share a few quick favorites from their session….

P.S. for you “blog stalkers” (I hate that word), we have more great stuff coming up soon, so check back in a couple days for more!