Cayleigh & Tyler

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As a relatively still new father of twins, I’ve learned there is nothing more important than documenting the early years and relationship between siblings (especially, twins that share an extra special bond).  I was asked by a good friend of mine, who also has twins, to photograph them (Cayleigh & Tyler) having fun and just being themselves and had a great time doing this as well as grabbing a few family shots.  Cayleigh & Tyler are seriously two of the cutest and well behaved kids I have ever met and it was so awesome to photograph them just being silly and having fun together.  Here’s a few samples I really loved and wanted to share…. you can really see the amazing bond between them.

P.S. I was amazed how well they took directions for different things I wanted them to do…. if only I could get my adult wedding clients to do that well! 😉

Cayleigh loved making funny faces at Tyler’s expense, lol.


“pretend like the fence is a train………”