Christine & Dave

Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding

Capital Region

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New York


I wanted to share some sample photos from our recent wedding with Christine & Dave, who had a beautiful ceremony at St. Mary’s in Waterford, followed by the Glen Sanders Mansion.  Christine & Dave are a lot of fun to hang out with and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know them both over the last year+.    Special thanks to the following vendors on their wedding day as well:

Joanna/Lipstick n Lashes (hair/makeup)
Mansion Catering
Janet/The Floral Garden
DJ/Paul Malo

Thanks again to Christine & Dave and best wishes in your new marriage!  For those interested, all photos should be ready within a few days and can be found at the link below:


love these mother/daughter shots!

I’m always on the hunt for these type of moments at the ceremony…

We had an amazing vanilla sky that night with incredible purples that looked amazing