Fort Ticonderoga

WellWed Magazine Shoot / Matt Ramos Photography


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New York



I’m excited to have recently been asked to be a part of a photo shoot last week organized by Lisa Light, as a part of WellWed Magazine,  featuring one of the newest and most amazing venues, Fort Ticonderoga.  Not only was the day a lot of fun, but I had the pleasure to work with some of the hottest wedding professionals int he business, who all worked extremely hard to make this come together.  I had a lot of fun shooting with the models (Olivia, Grace & Eric) and with an amazing setting to work with…. I even got to grab a few aerial shots with my new camera/helicopter that I’ve been toying with.

A special thanks to all those amazing professionals for their hard work and for allowing us to be a part.  Check out a few images from the shoot below!