Heidi & Barry

Saratoga Springs Racetrack Wedding

Saratoga Springs

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New York


Heidi & Barry recently recently eloped locally, however decided to spend their wedding day at their favorite place….. the Saratoga Racetrack.

I’m honestly, still trying to wrap my head around my experience with them that day.  If you had told me that one of owners would allow us to take out one of his horses to “play” with, and that Sammy the Bugler would later serenade our bride and groom…… or better yet, we would take a photo with one of their favorite jockeys only to watch him win the race 10 minutes later and meet us in the winner’s circle, where he would autograph his goggles and give them to the bride….. I would have thought you were out of your mind.  Yet, that’s exactly what happened…. it’s like it was all planned so perfectly, yet it wasn’t.  What an experience that I won’t soon forget and it was an amazing day with Heidi & Barry that I’m so glad to have been a part of.  Here’s some of our faves below….. congrats guys and thanks so much for letting me tag along in such a fun day!! 😉

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