Kaitlin & Rick

Saratoga National Wedding

Saratoga Springs

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I’ve loved getting to know and work with Kaitlin & Rick over the past year and a half that they’ve been planning their wedding.  It seems every time we see each other all we do is laugh hysterically.  Kaitlin has a smile that could light up the world and is constantly spreading her positive energy with her smiles and laughter (in fact, I had to ask her to stop smiling for some of the photos I wanted, haha)…. and Rick is just an amazing guy all around as well I could easily be best buds with.  Rick stumbled upon Kaitlin, who at the time was working at Duncan Donuts and it was love at first site….. as the story goes, Rick never drank so much coffee in his life to go back daily to see the gorgeous girl behind the counter (can you blame him?)  He gave her his number (which Kaitlin still keeps to this day (see the photo below) and the rest is history!  I had a blast shooting some engagements with them last fall and their wedding was also absolutely beautiful!  Check out some samples below from the big day – congrats to you both!  Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your day! 😉


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