Kaleigh & Alfonso

Gorgeous Franklin Plaza & Troy NY Wedding

Saratoga Springs

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We’ve had some incredible weddings this year and I’ve loved having the opportunity to once again, work with so many incredible couples and new friends.  Kaleigh & Alfonso are definitely one of those couples I’ve really had a blast getting to know and working with.  Not only are they a gorgeous couple, but just as amazing on the inside as out.  I first had the chance to work with Kaleigh & Fonzie during our fall styled engagement session, which we all had so much fun shooting.  I knew once that shoot was over, I had big shoes to fill for the wedding day (my own, haha)….. the wedding day was also incredible to be a part of and I’m really excited to share this next blog post with you from Kaleigh & Alfonso’s big day.

Kaleigh was stunning….. we had access to a Rolls Royce, unique properties (thank you, Mr. Cocca), a gorgeous cathedral church and an overall incredible day to work with…. I hope you will love some of these images as much as I do.  Thanks so much to Kaleigh & Fonzie for allowing me to be a part of your journey and special day.  Be sure to leave them some love in the comments box below! 🙂

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