Kelsey & Mike

Glen Sanders Mansion Wedding


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I’m excited to share some of our favorites from a recent wedding with Kelsey & Mike… Mike is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet and Kelsey is just an incredible person beyond words that is so giving and caring of others…. I’m proud to have been able to spend such an amazing day with them and definitely one we will all never forget!

While I’m hesitant (and extremely embarrassed) to share this, I somehow managed to fall off the dock while shooting, into the Mohawk River with suit, camera and all.  As you can see, the photos were all fine, but I learned a lot in my 2.5 seconds under the waters of the Mohawk (which seemed like an eternity by the way) about 1) watching more closely where I step, and 2) what total humiliation feels like.  Needless to say, my ego is still drying out from such an event, but am doing my best to laugh at myself… I’m so glad to have made Kelsey & Mike’s wedding day memorable, haha!

Ok…. once you are done laughing at me, check out some photos from their big day below.  Thank you so much to Kelsey, Mike and their families for all their hospitality, all the best in your new marriage! 😉