Laila & Rasheed

Wedding at the Hall of Springs

Capital Region

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New York


It’s been a pleasure getting to know Laila & Rasheed this year… the moment they walked through the door for the first time, we hit it off and I knew they would be great to photograph and work with on their wedding day.  I was not originally selected to shoot their wedding, and it was a great treat to hear from them again 5 months after meeting them – I was honored to have the chance to work with them on such a special day.  What a great wedding and love some of the images we were able to create from the day.  For those interested, you can register for online viewing and ordering, which will be ready in a day or two at the following link:

I also want to give props to the following vendors that also took part in making it an awesome day for Laila & Rasheed:

Flowers: Renaissance Floral Designs (David Michael Schmidt)
DJ: Piano Man DJ (Fernando)
Video: Bigler Productions (Terry)
Makeup: Make Me Fabulous
Catering: Mansion Catering

Thanks again to Laila & Rasheed and hope you’re having a blast in Greece! 😉


suddenly everyone wants to be a wedding photographer…


Rasheed cleaned up rather nicely


the first look…


one of Rasheed’s brother’s had this awesome car we decided to play with a bit


time for some evening magic…


another personal fav of 2011 so far – love this one!