Lauren & Dave

Saratoga National Fall Wedding

Capital Region

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New York


I recently had a chance to photograph a beautiful Saratoga Fall wedding with Lauren & Dave and am excited to share a few images from their wedding day.   Getting to know Lauren & Dave a bit has been a real treat and their story of how they came together is both sad & beautiful at the same time (I won’t go into extreme detail, but for those now interested, Dave & Lauren both met as doctors, both trying to help the same child/patient (who very sadly passed away).  They later met at the funeral 🙁  It was a great honor for them to have the boy’s mother at their wedding, which was also very touching).  Hearing what accomplishments and sacrifices Lauren & Dave have made for others truly makes you want to be a better person… they are just incredible people all around… and I’m honored to have been able to document such a special day.

Some of the incredible wedding professionals that also helped to make their wedding great were:

Make Me Fabulous –
Fleurtacious Designs –
Philip Coltart/Video –
The New York Players –
Reception/Venue –

Also, for those interested, you can sign up for the online viewing & ordering site that will be available in about 2-3 days at the link below.  A special thanks and congrats again to Lauren & Dave! 😉