Lauren & Wayne Engagements

Polo Style Saratoga Springs Engagement

Saratoga Springs

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New York


I’ve been looking forward to posting some shots from our recent engagement session(s) with Lauren & Wayne!  Lauren had originally picked out this amazing farm with horses, however the day we went to shoot there, was quickly interrupted by a massive storm and downpour, putting a serious damper in our shoot.  We decided to reschedule the 2nd leg of the session to another, nicer day (in which it was 85 degrees and humid, haha) in Saratoga.  Overall, we made out pretty well all things considered and love the shots from both days – I’m really looking forward to being a part of their wedding next month, so be sure to check back to see some of their wedding images as well!

Thanks for being troopers guys – check out a few of my faves below 😉