Maria & George

Associate Photographer Saratoga Wedding

Saratoga Springs

Event Team

I”m excited to share our latest associate photographer wedding from Maria & George’s big day (shot by Chris & Jacqueline).  Maria was absolutely stunning and am loving some of these beautiful fall images and colors!  Check out some of our faves below and a warm congratulations to Maria & George on their new marriage – thanks so much for allowing our team to be a part of the day!


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MattRamos_0912 MattRamos_0911 MattRamos_0912 MattRamos_0913 MattRamos_0914 MattRamos_0915 MattRamos_0916 MattRamos_0917

MattRamos_0911 MattRamos_0918 MattRamos_0919 MattRamos_0920 MattRamos_0921 MattRamos_0922 MattRamos_0923 MattRamos_0924 MattRamos_0925 MattRamos_0926 MattRamos_0927 MattRamos_0928 MattRamos_0929

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