Maria & Matt

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East Greenbush

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Maria & Matt are such amazing people…. while I only met them a few days before the wedding (they flew in from Hawaii) and only shared one day with them, their situation was so unique (I’m not going to go into details publicly).  I’ve never experienced such an array of emotions on a wedding day before and despite the pain they were dealing with, am so proud and amazed at the fact they allowed themselves to enjoy such a special day and laugh and dance together…. amazing couple and family and day all around and one that I’m so proud to have been a part of.  I wanted to post some faves below….


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matt ramos_1811 matt ramos_1807v matt ramos_1808 matt ramos_1809 matt ramos_1812 matt ramos_1813 matt ramos_1814 matt ramos_1815 matt ramos_1816 matt ramos_1817 matt ramos_1818 matt ramos_1820 matt ramos_1820b matt ramos_1821 matt ramos_1822 matt ramos_1823 matt ramos_1824 matt ramos_1825 matt ramos_1826 matt ramos_1827 matt ramos_1828 matt ramos_1829 matt ramos_1830

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