Marissa & Steve

Beautiful 90 State Wedding

Capital Region

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New York


Our latest featured wedding is from a recent wedding with Marissa & Steve…. what a gorgeous couple (both inside & out) and it’s been so amazing to work with them all the way through the wedding process.  I had the chance to shoot their engagement session in the beautiful historic part of Schenectady, which was a blast…. for those interested, you can check out some of those photos here!

Their wedding day was also a blast to be a part of and Marissa once again, was absolutely stunning (not to say, Steve didn’t look great as well!)  The day was amazing all around, but perhaps one of the most fun things about it, was the dance battle between the wedding party at the reception!  I’m excited to share some of our favorite images from the day below…. check em out and be sure to wish Marissa & Steve a huge congrats in the notes box below 😉


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