Meghan & Jeff

Saratoga Springs Museum of Dance Wedding

Capital Region

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New York


Meghan & Jeff have truly been one of the most unique couples I have the chance to work with this year (in a good way), and getting to know them has been a lot of fun.  Both huge romantics at heart, working with them is so enjoyable for a photographer – I basically could just pick them up and set them anywhere I wanted, tell them to love each other and magic just happens without any effort whatsoever.  It’s not easy to be in front of the camera, and Meghan & Jeff were literally a photographer’s dream couple to work with.   Many of you may remember their awesome & intimate, bedroom style engagement session we did not too long ago, I knew the wedding day would be equally as much fun.  I’m excited to share some of my favorite image from their day below with you… I also want to give credit to the following vendors that worked very hard on this wedding for Meghan & Jeff:


as you can see, Meghan was absolutely stunning!



watching what people do in a photobooth is clearly one of my favorite new things to do!