New USB Image Flash Drives!

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New York


For more than 10 years now, I have been burning DVD’s for clients of all their images ….. sometimes 2 or even 3 depending on the situation and the process is generally slow and tedious.  Taking the suggestion of a friend to evolve a bit (thank you, Tom) I’m very excited to now be DVD free this year!  No longer will I be burning them, nor will our clients have to use them…. flash drives are clearly the way to go and am very excited to have gotten our first batch in today to start distributing immediately.  Here’s a few photos – these babies are not only compact and convenient, but definitely much cooler than using a DVD.

P.S. for any past clients that may be interested in having this instead, please feel free to contact us directly and can easily get you one with all your images pre-loaded for you 😉

matt ramos usb flashdrives 1matt ramos usb flashdrives 2matt ramos usb flashdrives 3matt ramos usb flashdrives 4