Shannon & Kyle

Blue Water Manor & Erlowest Wedding

Lake George

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I’m super excited to share our latest featured wedding with you from Shannon & Kyle’s recent big day!  We had incredible locations (The Blue Water Manor, Lake George, Inn at Erlowest) to work with and a gorgeous day as well….. I’m loving the images from this wedding.  One of the things that made this wedding so unique was the ceremony location.  Shannon’s family owns the newly renovated and beautiful, Blue Water Manor (between Erlowest & the Sagamore) and no other couple has had their wedding at this location – it’s an incredible location and view!  I got a little carried away here, so thank you for your patience while some of the images load…. be sure to leave Shannon & Kyle some love in the comments box below.  Thanks so much for allowing our team to be a part of such an incredible day!

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