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Let me start out by quickly getting your attention – The winning couple of this contest will receive a 20 x 30 luxury canvas (either of the winning photo or any other of their choice from the event or shoot) valued at $300!  Here are the contest rules – very simple:

1 – you may vote for yourself if you like (it’s not like you’re not going to anyway, right?)
2 – you may vote for 1 image only – if you attempt to vote a second time you may trigger a volcano causing the earth to explode.
3 – friends and family may also help you to win, so feel free to share this link for some extra help! (I recommend facebooking it)
4 – you must receive 25 votes or more to win the contest.  24 votes even if you are in the lead = bragging rights only!
5 – the deadline is midnight Dec. 23rd with the winner being announced on Christmas Eve!

Also, very important:  those that were not selected PLEASE do not take offense whatsoever – these were voted/selected to be entered into the contest by the entire office and it was simply not possible to include every single couple.

There are a lot of photos in this post and that depending on your connection speed, it may take a few seconds longer to load – please be patient and hope it will be worth the way for you 🙂  I originally thought it would be fun to grab 10-15 of my favorite images from this year…. little did I know it would be so hard and end up posting 50 of our top images, vs the 10 I started with.  It was a great pleasure to work with so many fantastic couples this year and I’m really proud of the images we were able to create this year – I hope you will enjoy the photos below and have fun voting!!!

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(Contest has ended – voting now disabled)