Top Engagement Images of 2012

Matt Ramos Photography

Capital Region

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New York


2012 has been an incredible year in all aspects and I’ve had a chance to both, meet and work with some incredible couples (both for 2012 and upcoming 2013 clients).  It’s such a gift to get to know and document the images we create for these couples, and love the ability to shoot with various personalities and locations throughout the year in order to do so.

Each year our team votes on some of our favorite images of the year (Engagement & Wedding).  Not every image can be selected that we like and I’m often even outvoted myself by my own employees, so please don’t be mad at me for those that may not have made the list!  Below is a compilation of some of our top and favorite engagement photos from the year – congrats to all those couples and hope you’ll check back soon to see the top 2012 Wedding Images as well!

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